The Mastering House provides high quality audio mastering and media production services in the greater Philadelphia area. Our mission is to offer clients superior service and audio excellence in a friendly atmosphere where the artist remains an integral part of the mastering process. With a stunningly accurate listening environment and a great selection of analog and digital equipment, we provide a history of excellence and most importantly a passion for doing what we do with the highest standards possible.

The objective perspective of the mastering engineer is the most vital element in the mastering process. Someone who is knowledgeable in the industry and separated from the recording and mixing process can bring a new set of ears and fresh perspective to a project. This is a necessary component in achieving the high quality that your audio deserves. A great mastering engineer is to be able to translate the artist's vision for the project while keeping the technical details as unobtrusive as possible.

Personal attention to each individual artist and project is one of the elements that makes us unique. At the Mastering House, each artist will speak with Tom Volpicelli (chief engineer) directly, allowing for two-way communication that will ensure your complete satisfaction.

The Mastering House is located in the greater Philadelphia area and easily accessible to clients in New York, Delaware, Jersey, DC and Maryland.